First things first:

  • After you fill out and submit a contact form on the Home page of this website, I will reach out to you through text or email. If I have your wedding date available, I will send over the service contract that withholds all pricing and policy information. 

  • I will answer any questions you have. 

  • You will fill out the service contract as well as you can. Do not stress about a "start time", I can help you with that after you have a timeline established. If you are having a difficult time putting together a timeline, your photographer should be able to assist you with creating one. A start and end time for your hair and makeup team is dependent on your photo preferences (first look, family photos before the ceremony, etc.). 

  • After, or before, filling out the service contract, a deposit is required in order to reserve your date through Wennen's Beautique. This deposit is non-refundable but, no worries, it does go towards your day of service charges. The service contract lists different ways to go about paying your deposit. 

Next up: 

  • I recommend scheduling a hair/makeup trial 4-6 weeks before your wedding day. If your wedding is soon, we will schedule and appointment. If we have a few months before the wedding day, I will reach out to you to schedule something at the appropriate time. 

    • If you prefer to do a trial before reserving your date, please let me know.

  • Feel free to send inspo pics! If you have booked both hair and makeup, I will create a group text so we can all communicate any details regarding the trials and wedding. 

  • Please be completely honest at your trial and let us know if you would like something changed. We love making our clients happy and we want you to be completely satisfied with your look!

  • We will take photos and notes at your trial regarding your hair and makeup preferences so we will know exactly what to do for you on the day day of your wedding. This does not mean you cannot change your mind about some details! If one of your preferences changes, just let us know and we will be happy to accommodate. 


  • All of the details fall into place and you look and feel beautiful on your wedding day!