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What Does It Mean to Schedule a Wedding Hair Trial?

Wedding hair trials typically take place about six weeks or so before the wedding date and are meant for the bride to try out her desired hairstyle. It is also normal to request a hair trial before paying a stylist a deposit if you want to make sure the stylist is able to create the hairstyle that you want. Most Wennen's Beautique clients book their wedding a year or more in advance and then we reconvene closer to the wedding date to set up their hair trial date and time.

Sometimes moms like to have a hair trial as well. This can be a really fun day if you are able to schedule the trials on the same day, one after the other, and then go out for a nice lunch or dinner afterwards! Bridesmaids do not usually schedule a hair trial. It would be best not to expect your bridesmaids to schedule a hair trial and/or have their hair styled on the day of the wedding unless you are paying for their services. After all, weddings are expensive for everyone! Bridesmaids have to purchase a dress, shoes, jewelry and have bachelorette party expenses too. It's best not to pressure them into spending money on hair and makeup, leave it up to them to decide!

If you don't have a hairstyle picked out yet, your stylist should be able to recommend styles that would be best for you and your hair. Some questions I like to ask my bridal clients are:

1. Have you saved any inspiration photos?

Pinterest and Instagram are great tools for finding styles that you're drawn to. Keep in mind that hair length plays a huge role in creating certain styles!

2. What does your dress look like?

Does your dress have a high neck line or is it cut to show off your collar bones and/or back?

3. Do you feel comforted by wearing your hair down?

There are a lot of women that are comforted by wearing their hair down instead of up, kind of like a security blanket, and that's totally fine! Some clients will get headaches if their hair is worn up, in that case it's probably best to make sure you aren't making a decision that will cause you pain on your wedding day.

4. Have you purchased a veil or any accessories?

Some accessories look better with certain hairstyles than others.

5. Are there certain hairstyles or trends that you really don't like that I should avoid?

Be honest with your hairstylist about things that you don't like or that would make you feel uncomfortable to wear. Are you ok with volume or do you prefer more of a sleek hairstyle?

Your hair trial should be a fun experience and make you feel excited about your big day! It's best to be honest with your stylist and communicate your wants and expectations. Remember, we can't read minds but we definitely do want to create your dream wedding hair. So be sure to let us know how you feel about your style!

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Alex

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