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I will not be taking on any more weddings in 2024. 

Excitingly, our family is growing! We will be welcoming our second little boy into the world this May! With that being said, I have booked as many weddings as I would like to take on in 2024 and will be directing the time of my unbooked weekends towards my family. 

You can view my list of my recommended artists on the "other" page of my website. 


I will not be taking on any weddings in 2025 as the lead hair stylist. While my children are little I am going to spend as much time with them as possible! I will only be assisting fellow stylists with events to cut back on all of the time spent communicating and planning behind the scenes.


You can view my list of recommended hair stylist on the "other" page of my website.

Artists I work with frequently are

Kathryn Brash and Morgan Donahue. 


Contact form unavailable. 

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